The difference between coaxial cable and optical cable

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1. The transmission speed is different between them.
       Domestic cable service speed has reached 100 Mbps, and service providers said that they will eventually increase the number to 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. Coaxial cable, usually only suitable for baseband transmission, transmission rate is 2-20 Mbps.

2. The two materials are different.
       Coaxial cable is mainly made of copper as conductor, while optical cable is mainly made of optical fiber as conductor.

3. The classification of the two is different
       There are three types of coaxial cables: 75_, 50_and 93_. Coarse cables have good anti-jamming performance, long transmission distance, low cable price, short transmission distance, transmission rate is generally 10 Mbps, suitable for and network. RG-62 93 cable is a coaxial cable used in Arcnet network, which is usually only suitable for baseband transmission.

       Fiber optic cable is the abbreviation of fiber optic cable and the medium for transmitting optical signals. Optical fibers are divided into single-mode and multi-mode fibers. The size of the core-cladding layer of single-mode fibers is about 8.3 micron/125 micron, and that of multi-mode fibers is 62.5 micron/125 micron.

Characteristics of coaxial cable and optical cable:

       Coaxial cable features: good anti-interference ability, stable data transmission, low price, also widely used, such as closed-circuit television lines.

       Nowadays, cables are commonly used in computer local area networks. Cables are generally used for bus network wiring. The T-type BNC interface connector is used to connect the BNC interface network card. A 50_terminal resistor is installed at both ends of the coaxial cable.

       The characteristics of optical cable are: wide transmission frequency bandwidth, high speed; low transmission loss, long transmission distance; good resistance to lightning and electromagnetic interference; good confidentiality, not easy to be eavesdropped or intercepted; low bit error rate, high reliability; small size, light weight.

       There are two kinds of optical cables: single-mode and multi-mode. The core diameter of single mode optical cable is very small, and it can only be transmitted in a single mode at a given working wavelength. The transmission frequency bandwidth and transmission capacity of single mode optical cable are large. Multimode optical cable is a kind of optical fiber that can transmit in multiple modes at a given wavelength. Compared with single mode optical fiber, the transmission performance of multimode optical fiber is worse.